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My Story

My story begins in the year 1996. I had a humble beginning, not born with a silver spoon but with a ton of books around! Knowledge was all around me, and no bounds were kept for me to explore. I had full freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, and boy, I did make many! Mornings and afternoons were dedicated to school, and evenings to my craze for cricket and cartoons. My love for science and engineering began when I saw cool experiments on Dexter's Laboratory show and incredible engineering experiments in the Road Runner show and Bob the Builder! So, all my childhood energy went into trying out different sports and reading more about science.
Then, in 2006, Pixar released a work of art, 'Cars'. That movie changed my direction from science to automotive engineering. I had loved automobiles, but after the movie, my connection to automobiles grew deeper. My eyes started seeing life in them!
Life was good, but we grow up, and stress tries to sabotage our happiness. That's where music comes to my rescue. Being an INTJ-A, it's not natural for me to talk about my troubles, so I let my instruments and my music express when words fall short. Music has taught me patience and finding happiness in small things. Music has taught me that making simple flow is far more difficult and satisfying than creating a complex melody that no one can relate to. And that is the principle I bring into my professional life.
Project management to me is an essence that brings harmony between my personal and professional life. It is a bridge that connects my skills and learnings to the opportunities of the world. A synergistic infinite loop of experience and opportunity. In today's world, every individual must strive to attain this harmony to unlock their own potential, irrespective of the field they are in. India has the richest source of potential and youth. I dream of a reality where the majority of people are making a living out of passion and not compulsion. How beautiful it would be!? All the nation needs to get rid of corruption and hatred is honest people doing honest work and being happy about it! I would strive to provide such an environment to each and every individual in my circle of influence.
As I have always believed, it's not the people who are at fault, it's the environment in which they are!
If you are reading until now, thank you for taking out time to know me better!

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