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Do what your HEART says

I'm pretty sure you must have heard about it, right? But what is this heart? In a literal sense, it's arguable to say that the heart can "say" anything. However, for me, "the heart" represents the choices that make our our mind excited, and our hormones kick in. The question is, do we always listen to our heart? That is, do we always follow our emotional side in decision-making, or do we prioritize the cognitive and calculative side, even if it doesn't align with our emotions? It's a tricky situation that often leaves me puzzled and anxious.

To solve this question, I delved deep into my own life where listening to my heart went wrong. One of the decision I made was : prioritizing cultural activities in my college life over academics. As expected, my grades suffered, and I missed out on great opportunities that I could have capitalized on. Fast forward to today, I do realize what I missed, but do I regret it? Not a bit. What I am today is a result of listening to my heart, and I am very proud and satisfied about it.

So, what benefit does listening to your heart give you over listening to your mind? I would say it gives us the satisfaction of "living". I would prefer to fail while doing what I love doing. Why? Because it gives me the strength to live with my decisions and rise back up with the courage to make even bigger decisions. I use my calculating side to foresee risks and navigate the path that my heart desires.

In conclusion, I would say you need both your heart and mind to reach your goals. However, the goal itself is defined by the heart, while the path is defined by the mind. Your heart always knows the purpose of your life, and it's better to let it decide the destination.

So, What does your HEART say to you?!

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1 Comment

Kaveri Aher
Kaveri Aher
Aug 11, 2023

Rightly said..!!

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