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Pillars of Character

Life teaches you many things, in both good and bad ways. 'Life comes full circle.' I have felt helpless and worn down. I have felt that I have no strength left to stand and fight. I have felt that I am letting many people down. What is probably missing in all those moments is the strength and power to face the situation, as well as imposter syndrome, which we will discuss some day later. Let's address the elephant in the room first!

I always wonder, where do people get this power and strength? Is it available in any market? Unfortunately, you can't buy it. It's invaluable! And also, it can't be faked.

Cool, I want it, so I Google it. 'Strength.' These are the definitions I get:

1) The quality or state of being physically strong.

2) The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great pressure.

The second definition is what I want to focus on. The capacity of an object to withstand great pressure. I am pretty sure that the majority here would relate pressure to being 'mental.' So, what is pressure? By definition, it is force per unit area. Here, I would assume the available consciousness of an individual's mind as the area. So, what is force? By definition, 'force is an external agent capable of changing a body's state of rest or motion. It has a magnitude and a direction.' So here, I interpret force as an external agent that changes the flow of thoughts and sets rules based on which I make decisions. To sum it up, I want strength; that is, I want to withstand an external force that is threatening to disturb my flow of decision making. Great! The result is defined. The next challenge is how to achieve it?

Earlier, I mentioned 'decisions based on set rules.' A wise person once told me to think in probability and not in certainty. What he meant was that life is a game of choice and not fate. Sometimes you choose what to do, and sometimes others choose for you. But it's always a choice. So, it boils down to the question, 'How do I choose?' What influences our choices are our values and principles. Strength has a direct correlation to values and principles. Think of them as RCC pillars of a building, where the steel rebars represent values and principles, the concrete represents honesty towards those principles, and the depth of the footing represents its connection to the basics of humanity. The stronger the structure, the harder it is to shake, and the safer it is to rely on it for support.

So, in the end, this journey is about transforming a chaotic and feeble mind to a strong, determined, and value-driven mind. How do I quantify this transformation? What is the timeline? What do I want to achieve through this change? Well, that's something to talk about in another blog!"

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